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  1. Translate your Website

    Professionals translate your Website

    Tolq sends your content to trained professional human translators. No need for hiring and managing a network of translators. We have already done that for you and they are ready to go.

  2. Translate your Website

    We watch over your Content

    We import your content automatically. So no more manually cutting & pasting phrases. Changes in your content are automatically detected so you can keep all your translations in sync.

  3. Translate your Website

    Never pay for duplicates

    Tolq saves all your translations and checks them against new phrases that you submit, so you pay only once for each phrase no matter where you use them.
    As you create content over time up to 50% of those phrases can be identical.

Easy Website Translation

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“Any company doing business in Europe will understand the savings of time and money that Tolq is offering.”

Shel Israel - Forbes