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How can we help you to integrate Tolq

Integrating translation into the complex enterprise environment can be extremely challenging. This is why we work with the best system integrators to setup your optimal workflow. Learn how:

CMS and Ecommerce integration

If you have an medium sized business and you are using any popular Ecommerce or Content Management System (CMS) you want to take advantage of the savings offered by our Translation Memory and our hassle-free translation services. We have plugins and connectors to take care of the integration with ease.

We can arrange the implementation for you. Contact us to discuss what can we do for you or send us your Request for Proposal.

ERPs, CRMs and Business Intelligence

Bigger international companies usually have needs for Enterprise Resource Planning tools (ERP), Customer Relationship Management tools (CRM) and other Business Software.

Using those tools often involves issues that are far more complex than the translation of product- or marketing related content.

Tolq can help you implement a solution to that avoids unnecessary staff and costs enterprise wide. Contact us to discuss solutions.

Ease of mind even at scale

The complexity of translation can easily lead to problems at enterprise scale. Most tools are designed for solving only part of the translation process.

Tolq offers an end-to-end platform that brings it back to - original content in - translated content out. Simplicity at scale.

Translations can be used across all your different business units and subsidiaries. The cloud-based central Translation Memory saves you money everywhere.

Enterprise Case Study

An example of how a Tolq enterprise setup can be used in a real-life scenario

Global Sports Brand

The sports fashion market moves at incredible pace. New products are released daily and stock moves around the globe quickly, based on market demand dynamics.

Currently, local marketing teams are burdened with tracking new products and preparing translations for each product when and if it arrives in their market. Costs are high and the process is chaotic.

Tolq implements a solution

By connecting to the core ERP system of the company, Tolq can provide translation at the speed of the business. When a new product is created, the translations are ordered and uploaded to the enterprise CMS automatically.

When stock moves to a different market, a translation order is created automatically to make sure all marketing material is ready to go before the shipment even arrives in the country.

Local marketing managers can focus on increasing sales, instead of managing content on the website.

The results

The company saves more than 75% of costs because of the stacked effects of process automation, translation memory and direct translations costs.

People in the organization are no longer burdened by the chaotic process of managing translations in the fast moving pace of the global company.

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