Designed for Translators

Tolq is designed to make your life as a translator easier.


How does it work?

Task Inbox

With Tolq new projects find you automatically. When clients submit new orders on our platform, they are immediately matched with your skills.

A Powerful Platform

As a Tolq Translator, you will have access to our special translation tools that make your work that much easier.

We are continuously creating new features. We let ourselves be inspired by your feedback, to provide you with the tools you really need.

We are ready to help!

We are not an automated marketplace. We are real people that are ready to help. Whether it’s about a translation, a technical problem, or something else: we’re here.

Our support app is integrated into the platform, so we are right there with you. Feel free to contact us any time.

Flexible Workflow

With Tolq you manage your own time: accept projects whenever your schedule allows you to.

We also provide you with a preview of the project, so you can evaluate whether you want to take on a project.

Quality is Key

Translation is all about quality. We make sure that you are provided with a clear style guide and a handy glossary.

Thanks to our qualification procedures, we are able to challenge you with projects that match your skills and your experience fields.

Quick Payment

Your translations will be reviewed by the client. When they accept your translations, your earnings will immediately be released to your balance. Moreover, you can withdraw your balance any time!

We will also provide you with automatically created invoices every week. So you can focus on translation and not on administration.

Sign up, qualify and get ready to work!

After signing up, you will be required to complete the qualification procedure. As soon as your application has been reviewed by our experienced linguists, you will be able to join the team!

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