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Tolq is designed to make translation of digital content
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Task inbox

With Tolq new projects find you automatically!

When clients send new orders on our platform, they are
immediately matched with your skills and experience and the available task is delivered right to your personal inbox.

A powerful platform

As a translator you have access to our translation tools
that make your work much easier.

We are adding and improving new features daily.
We use your feedback, to provide you with the tools you need the most.

A bunch of tools to help you work smoothly!

Tolq has all the features a modern translation workflow requires.

Style Guides & Glossaries

Available right in context with the translation task you are working on. Via the Translation Helper you access the power tools.

AI Auto Complete & Fuzzy Match

Leveraging the data from the translation memory Tolq provides you with fuzzy matches and auto-complete as you type.

Translation Helper

Many other tools that work together to make sure you have all you need at your fingertips when your write new translations.

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Work as flexible as you are!

With Tolq you manage your own time: accept projects whenever your schedule allows you to.

We also provide you with a preview of the project, so you can evaluate whether you want to take on a project.

Quality is Key

Translation is all about quality. We make sure that you are provided with a clear style guide and a handy glossary.

Thanks to our qualification procedures, we are able to challenge you with projects that match your skills and your experience fields.

How it works

Tolq allows you to focus on your work as a translator and automates all adminsitrative procedures related to your work.


We pay fixed rates per word. For each task you see exactly what you can earn.


Earnings are released to your balance, that you can withdraw at any time.


When the client approves your work your earnings are released to your balance.


All financial procedures are automated, including taxes and invoicing.

We are ready to help!

We are not an automated marketplace. We are real people that are ready to help. Whether it’s about a translation, a technical problem, or something else: we’re here for you.

Our support is integrated right into the translation interface, so we are right there with you.

Feel free to contact us any time.

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