Human Translation assisted by Artificial Intelligence

Tolq provides end-to-end human translation solutions for high-volume enterprise clients around the world.


New: artificial intelligence - more savings!

Using the latest artificial intelligence technology we give our 40,000 translators super powers.

During translation our A.I. assistant autocompletes part of the translation. This saves up to 60% in time-efficiency and at the same time increases consistency and quality.

Translation API & Translation Memory

Tolq’s power couple that creates huge savings for you:

Content: Simplicity & Automation

Tolq offers several ways to exchange content. Directly connecting our API to your CMS and/or ERP systems is best suited for high-volume translation.

You can import your content manually via the user interface on our platform and also via plugins for popular CMSes.

All options provide the benefit of using the Tolq Translation Memory, so you will always save on your translation costs using the integration that fits you best.

Sent document
  • API

    Send text or even HTML to our API, and thanks to the included Translation Memory you will never have to worry about tracking previously translated phrases.

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  • Enterprise

    We support many enterprise platforms and provide you with the support to implement quickly. High performance SLA’s are available too.

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Translation Memory Savings

Many customers have savings that can reach up to 35% or more.

From the hundreds of thousands of words they order a large part consists of sentences that have already been stored in the Translation Memory. With smart content management, translation does not have to be expensive!

On top of that, our IT team finds new ways to detect patterns and automatically translate similar content for less. Over time your savings will only grow!

Professional translators

Using top notch software to automate procedures doesn’t mean we care less about the human part of translation.

We carefully select the best translators available around the world, based on their native language skills and then assign them to you depending on your specific needs with regards to quality, tone-of-voice and field of expertise.

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  • Curated Translators

    We manually curate all our translators and assign only the best who match your needs and have the required expertise for your business.

  • Style Guides

    Translators are guided by detailed instructions you can provide using Style Guides. They see this during translation making sure each chosen word hits the spot.

  • Custom Glossaries

    If you have terminology that’s specific to your line of business you can use the built-in Glossary to make sure the translations follow these guidelines.

Unbeatable prices

On average the Translation Memory saves our clients between 30% and 40%, depending on the type and quantity of content this can go up.

Use the slider to estimate your effective rates:


On average savings are between 30% and 40% but depending on the type and quantity of content this can go up. Use the slider to estimate your effective rates:

  • Translation

    cost per word after savings:

    0.08 /word

    (calculated from the original rate of 0.08 /word)

  • Localization

    cost per word after savings:

    0.12 /word

    (calculated from the original rate of 0.12 /word)

  • Expert

    cost per word after savings:

    0.20 /word

    (calculated from the original rate of 0.20 /word)

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