The translation solution
built for e-commerce

Tolq provides all pieces of the localization puzzle in one single integrated solution


How Tolq helps you go global?

Tolq provides all pieces of the puzzle in one single integrated solution.
From all the required technology to professional human translators, we cover the entire spectrum.

End-to-End Translation SaaS

Efficient e-commerce translation at scale requires a lot of supporting
technology to do it well. Tolq provides you with all you need to set up a
state of the art deeply integrated localization program for your company.

Language Assets

Squeeze big savings from your existing and ongoing translation data. Tolq provides you this out of the box.

Translation Workflows

All modern workflows are supported, from professional to neural machine translation. At your fingertips.

Managing Results

Across the platform you have a comprehensive toolkit to manage terminology and tone-of-voice.

Experienced vetted
translators, ready to go.

Our carefully selected translator network spans the globe and has 18,000+
members at the moment. Pre-selected and trained. We have the right
people for your content. All part of the service.

Full process support

Behind the scenes we monitor and support your entire translation process from beginning to end.
Training translators, monitoring operations, you name it! And we’re fanatic about it too!

Translator Selection

Before any translator can work on our platform a rigorous vetting process incl. qualification tasks has been completed.

Operations Monitoring

Each translation task is monitored in
real-time as it moves through the
process. Segment level status control.

Quality Management

We monitor quality at different levels of granularity and at different stages in the localization process. You have full control.

What can Tolq do for me?

If you are in e-commerce then we can help.
We have localization solutions for companies of any size.



Self-service solution
for anyone who needs translation.

Key Feature:
Upload Files
Use File import/export to localize your e-commerce data.
Key Feature:
Translation memory
Big structural savings on your translation costs.


Let's Talk

Bespoke continuous localization
solutions for enterprise companies.

Key Feature:
Translators Team
Select and manage your translators directly
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Why global brands choose Tolq

When translation becomes a competitive requirement you need a
dynamic continuous process that seamlessly integrates into your day-to-day
operations. Tolq is designed specifically for that.

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