Offer superior customer experiences at enterprise-scale

Make your support team multilingual instantly by integrating AI-powered, human-checked translations in your support workflows.

Provide native-quality customer service in any language

To keep your CSAT scores high, all you have to do is make your customers feel right at home throughout the entire customer experience.

Our solutions are designed to help you ensure you provide cost-effective multilingual support across all your communication channels—even if you have a small support team and a high volume of tickets.

Our Solutions

Support Tickets

Translate your customer support tickets directly—the easy and fast way.

Equip your service desk team with the tools they need to deliver native-quality customer experiences and reduce first response time.

Live Chat

Dealing with customers from all over the world does not have to be challenging.

Respond to your customers in real-time with Tolq’s live chat translation.


Make your support operations more efficient by integrating Tolq with your preferred customer service or CRM platform.

FAQ’s & Documentation

Make your FAQ’s and other support documentation multilingual and boost your company’s self-service rates.

We integrated your favorite apps

We provide an extensive library of integrations with popular tools, so you can easily sync with Tolq.

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