International e-commerce
at the speed of light

If you perform at the highest level of e-commerce, your translation process should be just as
agile as you are. Ready for the challenges of going global.

new opportunity

Today’s market is global

Translation opens the door to a global market for
your products. A seamless localization process is a
powerful growth engine but a complex undertaking. We are ready to help!

Do you recognize these questions?

Localising e-commerce at large scale comes with it’s own set of unique challenges.
Tolq provides all pieces of the puzzle in one single integrated solution.

Have a large product catalog?

Then full process automation is your friend. Keeping translations in sync for a large and dynamic product catalog can
be both a complex and expensive process. Automation is the key to cost efficiency and fast time-to-market.

“Reaching an international audience has never been so easy!
We value the high quality of the translations.”

Peter Kaiser Retail GmbH
Pirmasens, Germany

Prefer quick turnaround?

When new product descriptions are translated, you can start selling in all
your markets. Continous quick turnaround times on your translations are
key feature of our platform. Go live within hours, not weeks.

Speed is a feature

Dealing with large volumes of human
work to be handled is challenging.
We solve that for you with our
automated smart task builder.

Tracking ‘What’s translated?’

We do that for you, so no need to build
a complex system to manage this. Just
focus on what you want to sell.


Connect your internal business logic
directly to our API. For instance; new
product added? Translation happens in
the background. Zero time spent!

Aiming to deliver the right tone of voice at scale?

Keeping your brand identity intact and consistent across markets is complex, especially if you
want to make exceptions for certain markets. That’s why we’ve built a number of tools to help you
integrate this deeply in the process so that it’s possible even at large scale.

Happy Translators

We select and train a team of translators
specifically for your account.
They know your business and they know
how to speak your language.

AI Auto Complete

Your terminology and tone ofvoice is
contained in existing translation data.
We analyse this and suggest this to
translators for new translations.
Consistency is now easy.

Style Guides, Glossaries and Fuzzy Match

Three tools that work together to make
sure translators have instructions, but
even have those at their fingertips when
they type your new translations.

Need optimal cost efficiency?

Perhaps the most important challenge of large scale localization for
e-commerce is costs. Our solutions provide you with the most cost effective
localization programs available on the market today. Here’s how we do that.

Leverage Language Data

Centralized translation data for our entire organization making sure all workflows have optimal savings.

Automated Workflows

What can be automated should be automated is our motto. Forget about dealing with translation data manually.

Mix Translation Qualities

Have low margin products? Mix human and machine translation for results that offer great value for money!