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Unlock Your Language Potential Join our dynamic global community of translators and harness your linguistic skills to transform content across borders. At Tolq, we value the art and science of translation, offering you a platform to showcase your talents and earn from your expertise.
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Translator OpportunitiesDiverse Opportunities, Tailored to Your Skills
Our projects are as varied as our translator community. From translating original texts to refining AI-generated translations or contributing to glossaries, Tolq provides a spectrum of opportunities that align with your strengths and preferences.
Your Personal Task Inbox
Say goodbye to the hunt for projects. With Tolq, relevant tasks come directly to you, curated based on your skills and delivered to your personal inbox for maximum convenience.
Empowering You with Advanced Tools
Our platform is your powerhouse. Equipped with state-of-the-art translation aids, Tolq ensures that providing exceptional translations is simpler and faster, allowing you to focus on quality without the pressure of time.
Flexibility at Its Finest
Your time, your rules. Accept tasks that fit into your schedule and enjoy the freedom to work as much or as little as you like. You're in full control of your workload and your work-life balance.
Translator ToolsEfficiency-Boosting Features
Discover Tolq's Time-Saving Tools to Streamline Your Translations and Deliver Top-Quality Work with Speed and Precision.
Efficiency-Boosting Features
Getting Started Is Simple
Create your free Tolq account in just a few clicks.
Show Your Skills
Complete a qualification test to showcase your translation prowess.
Start Earning
Once approved, dive into our platform and begin your translation journey.
Streamlined FinancesTransparent Financials for Peace of Mind
Let Tolq Handle the Administrative Side of Your Work, So You Can Dedicate Your Energy to Crafting Exceptional Translations.
Competitive Rates
Enjoy clear, fixed rates per word to know exactly what you’ll earn.
Prompt Payments
See your earnings flow into your balance upon client approval, with the freedom to withdraw anytime.
Hassle-Free Invoicing
We handle all the administrative details, from taxes to invoicing, so you can focus on what you love.
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