Tools for high quality
localization at scale

The pivotal part of our solution is our technology platform that’s packed with features to support complex translation procedures.

How Tolq Works

Tolq provides you with everything you need to power your e-commerce internationalization. From integration into your systems, to delivering the high quality translations accross all your digital assets and supporting the entire process behind the scenes.

  • 1

    Integration for automation

    API, pre-built integrations, Github sync, and much more. See how.

  • 2

    Manage Language Assets

    Leverage language assets (translation memory) and have real-time insights into costs. See how.

  • 3

    Manage Translation Workflows

    100% Cloud based. Professional and machine translation. All available out of the box. See how.

  • 4

    Manage Translation Results

    Deliver high quality results at scale using AI-powered tools. See how.

Translation solved. End-to-End.

Translation Process

This is where all of the tools and preparations come together to facilitate a smooth and efficient translation process.

It starts with smart integration options

The key to a smooth running process is integrating your systems with Tolq. We provide many options out of the box, but we can essentially integrate to any system connected to the web. Contact us for options if you don’t see your favorite system listed.

Managing translation projects

Dealing with large quantities of content to be translated in various language pairs in different states is a lot of work.

Fortunately we do this heavy lifting for you and give you granular control over all your localization operations from the Dashboard that you share with your team.

All modern workflows available!

Right out of the box you have access to all different translation workflows that you’ll need for your localisation program.

  • Human Translation (High-End)
  • Human Proofreading
  • N.M.T. Post Editing
  • Neural Machine Translation
  • Statistical Machine Translation

Got files? We got your back!

Process your file translations just as easily as your e-commerce content. All the time leveraging the same centralized language assets in your translation memory.

Bring your team!

Set up accounts for your team members so it’s easy for everyone to leverage the same centralized language assets.

Tracking Progress

The entire Tolq platform works in real-time. That means from your Dashboard you can always review the status of any translation in progress right down to the segment level. This makes meeting deadlines a lot easier!

Managing Language Assets

With continuous localization leveraging your language assets is a key activity. Your entire global organization can share the assets as they build up over time.

Translation Memory

Centralize all your translated content and never pay for translating a sentence again. In e-commerce this can save you up to 80% of your total translation costs.

Mix and Match

Use smart combinations of neural machine translation and human translation in order to create cost effective reach, that has big impact on your bottom line.

Managing Results

Tone of voice and delivering high quality translation at scale is not an easy feat. Tolq provides you with advanced tools to achieve the best results.

Translation Tools (CAT)

Translators are provided with a powerful interface for crafting translations. It comes with integrated tools like fuzzy match and auto-complete so that they can reach optimal results working on the translations.

Style Guides

Provide detailed instructions to translators, delivered exactly at the right time. Different types of content? No problem, speficy different instructions for each content type. Managing tone of voice never was this easy!

Glossary & Terminology

Provide terminology instructions at the word or segment level. Translators have these terms at their fingertips when they type, providing both consistency and accuracy even at scale.

Translator Chat

Discussion and questions are easily handled with the integrated chat feature. No need to send messy emails, or messages. Simply select the segments and start chatting!

In-Context View

You can allow translators to see additional information about the product they are translating. Eliminate misunderstandings automatically.

Reviewing Translations

We offer a 100% quality guarantee. Not satisfied with a translation? Send the sentence back to the translator with one click and it’ll be retranslated.

Full Process Support

This might be the most powerful feature of our platform. We make sure everything is running well. Need more translators? We have them. Need more speed? We are on it.

Project management? Done!

It’s our belief that true translation solutions should always include fully
managing the human process from end-to-end.

Translator Selection

Before any translator can work on our platform a rigorous vetting process incl. qualification tasks has been completed.

Operations Monitoring

Each translation task is monitored in
real-time as it moves through the
process. Segment level status control.

Quality Management

We monitor quality at different levels of granularity and at different stages in the localization process. You have full control.

Enterprise Ready

Working with many enterprise organizations around the world we’ve made
sure our services are up to your standards and requirements.


Our security policies are up to the latest standards for information security. We provide end to end encryption out of the box.

Data Privacy

We are compliant with GDPR and related privacy requirements. We can provide Data Processing Agreements for your compliance.

Service SLA

We can offer you different service level agreements based on your requirements. Contact us today.